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“One of the best aviation books I’ve ever read!” Don Romer, Retired Air Force pilot Publisher’s discount, print edition = $7.47 Pilot Magazine says: “A super little book by a man passionate about flying and establishing the causes of air accidents. Having started a quick, skimming perusal, I was unable to put it down, and finished the work at a single sitting, transfixed..” Submit

 Barnstorming To Air Safety is an informative and often humorous look at the development of aviation from the early days of flying to the jet age. Tales of barnstorming risk-takers, rum-runners, early Naval air schools, and descriptions of some of the first passenger flights demonstrate both the need for, and the gradual development of, air safety measures to protect the flying public.

The former NTSB Air Safety Chief also provides details of aircraft accident investigations and findings to afford a glimpse into how economics and politics often block the way to discovering the true reasons for an accident, but there is just as much to interest those who desire to learn the history of Florida, Cuba, and the Bahamas as there is of the policies that interfere with complete air safety.

Barnstorming To Air Safety is a quick, enjoyable read that appeals to a diverse audience.

Also available From: (or ask for it by name at your local bookstore or library) Kindle edition now available Click here to visit Amazon.com

Barnstorming To Air Safety

Charles Collar

ISBN 978-0-9667784-0-3

Retail price $14.95

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